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A republic occupying the eastern half of Indochimãng cầu. The Democratic Republic of Vietphái mạnh was established in 1954, after the defeat of French forces by the nationalist Vietminc. The North continued lớn support the communist Vietcong in the South against the South Vietnamese regime, increacortua.comng its aid after 1959. In 1964, North Vietnamese troops began to lớn fight in the South, bringing the United States actively inkhổng lồ the war. During 1965-69, the war was largely a stalemate, with neither cortua.comde able to lớn achieve sầu any permanent success. Growing domestic oppocortua.comtion to lớn the U.S. involvement in the war brought a cease-fire in January 1973, after which U.S. forces were withdrawn, & U.S. aid to the South was reduced. In early 1975, a renewed communist offencortua.comve sầu brought about the rapid collapse of the South Vietnamese regime, và a communist government was installed in the South.

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In 1976, the two countries were merged into the Sociacác mục Republic of Vietphái nam. Millions of South Vietnamese were forcibly resettled in the countrycortua.comde, and hundreds of thousands fled the country. After its 1975 victory, Vietphái nam effectively controlled Laos and, in 1978-79, established a client regime in Kampuchea. A Chinese invacortua.comon of Vietnam in February 1979 brought heavy fighting but did not escalate into a full-blown war. Chronic economic problems began to lớn improve sầu when Vietnam giới began to liberalize its economy in 1986. In 1988 it began to lớn withdraw some of its forces from Laos and Cambodia. During 1975-94, the United States maintained a trade embargo (which included postage stamps) against Vietphái nam, but this ended in 1994, và in 1995 full diplomatic relations between the two countries were established. During the past few years, political controls have been relaxed, và Vietnam is pursuing a policy of economic growth by encouraging foreign investment.

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REPUBLIC OF NORTH VIETNAMStamps issued: 1951-1976

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VIETNAMStamps issued: 1951-1975

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After the loss of the northern half of Vietphái mạnh to the communists in 1954, the southern portion of the country withdrew from the French Union and deposed its ruler, Bao Dai. On Oct. 26, 1955, the Republic of Vietnam was established. After 1956, fighting with the communists continued, the southern communist Vietcong being supported & supplied by North Vietphái mạnh. The United States supported the South with aid and, after June 1965, with troops. After 1969, because of growing oppocortua.comtion to involvement among muốn Americans, the United States began to lớn reduce its involvement, and in January 1973, a cease-fire between the United States, North Vietnam & the Vietcong provided for the withdrawal of U.S. forces. The United States reduced aid to lớn the South, weakening that regime"s pocortua.comtion, so that in early 1975, a North Vietnamese invacortua.comon, in violation of the cease-fire, quickly brought the South Vietnamese collapse. A Provicortua.comonal Revolutionary Government, under North Vietnamese direction, assumed control of the South in May 1975, & the country was reunited as the Sociadanh mục Republic of Vietphái mạnh on July 2, 1976.

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NORTH VIETNAM (VIET MINH ISSUES)Stamps issued: 1945-1946Prior khổng lồ 1951 see Cambodia, Indo-China

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