All publications of STDJ are abstracted in ScilitTo introduce all publications of STDJ lớn worldwide readers, cortua.comUHCM Press deposit all published articles from 1998 to lớn date and upcoming articles in Scilit.Scilit—developed…

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All publications from Science và Technology Development Journal (cortua.comU-Hồ Chí Minh Press) are recorded at OCLC WorldCat
All publications from all journal và sub-journals of Science và Technology Development Journal (cortua.comU-HCM…
Now all publications from cortua.comU-Sài Gòn Press will be indexed in Dimensions for citation analysis
DIMENSIONS: A powerful citation và analytics tool

Introducing you khổng lồ a new citation database và research analytics…
Now all publications in Science và Technology Development Journal receive DOI number
Now all publications in Science và Technology Development Journal receive DOI numbers. cortua.comU-TP HCM Press will deposit all baông chồng publications…
Emerging Sources Citation Index: Critical retìm kiếm & trends from emerging & less-established sources

The Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) deepens & broadens your current Web of Science coverage— delivering…
Publons Release Inaugural Global State of Peer Reviews Report

Largest Ever Study of Peer ReviewShines Light on Under-Representation in the Peer nhận xét Process và the Growing Demand for Non-Western Researchers…
Journal Citation Reports: A Primer on the JCR & Journal Impact FactorThe Journal Citation Reports, first published in 1975, is an annual compendium of citation data that provides a systematic và objective sầu means to…

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