I’ve sầu been testing this Mobile for work & it’s a really great handphối if you want a large screen di động for a reasonable price.At the time of Reviews this was running Android 6 và it has a nice, clean, Sony interface which is lovely to use. Given the massive screen it’s good to see Sony have sầu thought to lớn add a single hvà mode, which shrinks the screen into lớn the bottom left or right cortua.comrner.It’s also nice lớn see the inclusion of a camera button, but I did find the phone didn’t react as quiông xã as I’d lượt thích when pressing the button down, so it’s fortunate you can still use the on screen cortua.comntrols.Games run well và look good on the large screen, no chance of your hands getting in the way of the action when using on screen cortua.comntrols. However you will likely find your hands will muffle the sound when playing a game in portrait mode as the speaker is on the bottom.The cameras are good, this is a great mobile if you’re inlớn selfies or vlogging.
And that seems khổng lồ have sầu been the focus for Sony with this điện thoại, a good mid range sản phẩm điện thoại that offers a large screen and good cameras, both front & bachồng.If you’ve not had a large Mobile before I’d recortua.commmover popping into lớn a store khổng lồ check this isn’t going khổng lồ be too big for you. The XA Ultra is a lovely looking device but I imagine the size isn’t going khổng lồ suit everybody.Available from Amazon UK: and Amazon USA:

Sony Xperia XA Ultra Video Review

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Sony Genuine Black Type C USB Data Cable Xperia XZ/Xperia X cortua.commpact/Xperia L1 / Xperia XZs/Xperia XA1 / Xperia X Premium cortua.commpatible With Other Type C Models (No Retail Packaging)

FeaturesOfficial Sony ProductGenuine Sony Type C CableUSB Type A lớn Type C CableReversible cortua.comnnector as USB-C is a user-friendly kiến thiết that lets you insert the cortua.comnnector the right way, every timeFor Charging và Data Transfer at high speeds