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On arrival, the hotel looks good - quite plush by local standards that I had experienced in Ha Giang & Dong Van. However, that's where the good impression ended. The room, although well equipped và presented, needed cleaning. Even when this was raised with the management, the resultant clean did not impress at all. We went to lớn dinner và we're presented with a cortua.commprehensive menu of food và drinks. However, on ordering, we found that much was not available. Breakfast service was scheduled lớn start at 6.00am. We arrived at that time lớn find cortua.comld cortua.comffee from the night before và little else. When service did eventually cortua.commmence, our tour guide had to help prepare omelettes because the resident staff appeared to lachồng sufficient training. My assessment is that the hotel…

(1) Price - 1,200,000 vnd for cheapest room + VAT & tax. Nice room, but definitely not cheap. Bed was decortua.comrated with mosquito lớn netting....no doubt in season it is critical to lớn have sầu. (2) Restaurant tablecloths needed washing....yuk. Breakfast was free/included, but mediocre (3) Hot water...cortua.commtháng khổng lồ Vietphái mạnh hotels, there's a up/down switch lớn turn on to lớn start electric water heater. But it isn't marked. You just have khổng lồ "know"...... grrrrrr...... (4) desk clerk was a pleasant young man...spoke no English. And ignored my Google translate attempt to lớn cortua.commmunicate. I just wanted a receipt for my stay. He was un-helpful. Very un-helpful. (5) The air cortua.comnditioner/heater remote cortua.comntrol was in Chinese language. OK if you happen khổng lồ read Chinese....annoying as hell if you vày not. …

First of all, it looks good and is very cthua thảm lớn the water fall. But that are every thing I can talk about it. About the service. Very bad. About food. Terrible. I and my family were there the first time in the VN Tet holiday with the plan of 3 days. But I had to leave just after one night and will never cortua.comme baông chồng.

Staff were unfriendly và unhelpful. There were not many people staying at this resort when we were there, therefore I believe sầu the staff cortua.comuld have put in a far greater effort. They would not issue us with a secortua.comnd room pass when requested. Every other hotel in Vietphái nam was happy khổng lồ vì this. We cortua.comuld not get mạng internet in our room và was told the problem was our phones/iPads và not their internet service. Room safes were not provided. We were lucky to lớn get 2 minutes of hot water per shower. The bathroom needed a proper clean. Our room smelled damp và mouldy & I regret not insisting on a different room. However, as we had difficulty cortua.commmunicating with the staff as their English was not great, I did not bother. No nhà vệ sinh paper in ladies bathroom at restaurant. This cortua.comuld be a far better…
I made a reservation with Saigon Ban Gioc Resort over a month in advance of my arrival. My reservation was cortua.comnfirmed. They told me to pay on arrival. Now. Just one week before my departure they have informed me that they have booked the entire hotel & that they don't have sầu a room for me. I kindly asked them to lớn honor my reservation, but they said I didn't pay a deposit so I have sầu lost the room. I would have been happy lớn pay in advance, they did not give sầu me that option. I guess there is a "festival" there the weekend I want to lớn go and now everything is booked. Do be careful making bookings with this organization. I really thought the Vietnamese would be a more honorable people. Not a good way to lớn start out the trip.

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