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“The grounds were well kept & the staff were extremely helpful & friendly. The wait staff were lovely. ”


Amyofaus Australia

“The pool was so relaxing và the grounds are all so beautiful khổng lồ walk through.Enjoyed the variety of food in the breakfast buffet. Loved the local restaurant Golden Lotus across the road. ”

United Kingdom

“Excellent hotel/resort. Staff wonderful & helpful. Very clean & good variety at breakfast. Immaculate grounds & pool area và lively bars/restaurants on site. ”

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Darryl Australia

“A nice place to relax with beautiful gardens, lovely pool & amenities.The staff were very friendly.”

“It was beautiful. Laid out in the gardens with hanging lanterns beside the sea. Fabulous pool. Staff were so helpful và friendly.Complimentary bus lớn old Hoi An. Free bicycles to lớn go out inlớn the rice fields Loved every minute. Sad to leave ”


“Breakfast was very good. Staffs very friendly và helpful.No sandy beach infront of bungalow, no busy traffic in front of bungalows. More privacy & really quiet”

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