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Since LG’s announcement to withdraw from the điện thoại thông minh business, Vietnam’s production facility has become the topic of much speculation and rumors, given its role as LG’s largest smartphone production base. But the evolution và transformation of the Haiphong Campus is only just beginning with the future looking bright for Vietphái mạnh & LG’s local employees.


“Exiting smartphone production here is part of LG’s plan to restructure our core sản phẩm portfolio,” said Jung Hai-jin, president of LG Electronics Vietnam giới. “The closing of LG’s di động business will not significantly impact LG’s production, business activities or employees in Haiphong.”


Jung said LG will reorganize and expvà its Vietnam production by focusing on manufacturing a wider range of products that are currently in high dem& around the world, such as trang chính appliances. LG plans khổng lồ complete the transformation and reallocate all workers within this year. Additional investment plans will be announced once the transformation has been completed.


LG opened its Haiphong Campus in năm ngoái lớn produce smartphones, TVs as well as household appliances. Affiliates such as LG Innotek và LG Display have sầu also cài đặt in Haiphong, producing camera modules & displays. Currently there are more than 16,000 employees at Haiphong & if all goes according khổng lồ plan, LG’s Vietnam manufacturing center should see svào growth in the years lớn come.