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About Creating a Project

An EmployeeXM project consists of a survey, participants, & a collection of responses và reports or dashboards. When you create a new project, you can create its associated survey from scratch, from a copy of an existing survey, from a survey saved in your library, or from an imported tệp tin.

Types of Employee Experience Projects

When you go to lớn create a project, you’ll notice that there are four kinds of Employee Experience projects lớn choose from.

Ad Hoc Employee Research: Persize impromptu retìm kiếm to quickly gauge employee feedbachồng & cốt truyện it with your team. Ask about benefits offerings, recent employee process changes, or other one-off feedbaông xã opportunities. You can even add workflows khổng lồ alert the right stakeholders’ of employee feedbaông chồng, or phối up simple dashboards to cốt truyện with your team.

Differences between project types

EmployeeXM projects have sầu access lớn similar features, however, no two are exactly the same. This table illustrates core differences between each of the projects.

EngagementLifecycleAd Hoc Employee Research360
Workflows tabYesYesYesNo
Participants tabYesYesYesYes
Participants automationNoYesNoNo
Org hierarchiesYesNoNoNo
Data restrictionsYesYesNoYes
Message automationsNoYesNoNo
kích hoạt planningYesYesNoNo
Relationships, subject reports, employees evaluating each otherNoNoNoYes
Employee directoryYesYesYesYes
Stats iQYesNoYesNo

Creating an Employee Experience Project from Scratch

For information on creating a project from scratch, see Creating a New Survey Project. When searching for a project type in the Catalog, filter for EmployeeXM lớn find Employee Experience project types. The Employee Experience project types are: Engagement, Lifecycle, Ad Hoc Employee Retìm kiếm, and 360.

Creating from a Library

cortua.com allows you lớn save surveys in a library so you can later copy them or reuse their questions. However, while the Catalog window has the option lớn create From a Library, this method is for the Survey Platsize, not for EmployeeXM projects. Instead, there is another way lớn copy an EmployeeXM survey from a library.

Click Copy lớn this Library.Under Source Survey, select the survey you’d like lớn copy to the library.Under Destination Folder, choose a folder. If you don’t select one, the project will go to the Uncategorized folder.Type in a Survey Name.Click Save.Click Import <#> Question(s).

Copying surveys in this way does not preserve sầu any of the survey options, survey flow, or other survey settings. Only the selected questions are copied over.

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The steps described here are a great option if you have sầu many different project types containing similar questions, because you can copy survey questions from a Survey Platkhung survey to an engagement survey, and vice versa. However, if you vày copy from one project type to lớn another, be aware of question type compatibility. The Survey Platkhung cannot support an org hierarchy question, and EmployeeXM is only compatible with certain static content, advanced questions, and standard questions.

Other Ways khổng lồ Create Employee Experience projects

In addition lớn creating a new project from scratch or from your library, you can also use existing projects as a template.

Creating from a Copy

When creating a project in the Catalog, you have the option to copy an existing project. See Creating from a Copy for more information.

Qtip: Creating a project in this way preserves all the survey settings, including survey options and survey flow. Be careful to double kiểm tra that these settings before you launch your project!

Creating from a File

You can export a QSF file that contains a copy of your EmployeeXM project and upload it inlớn another cortua.com trương mục. See Creating from a File for more information.

Qtip: Imported projects will retain all the same settings as the original project. This includes survey availability dates, incomplete response settings, look and feel settings, etc.

Templates for Employee Experience

cortua.com has pre-made surveys khổng lồ offer Employee Experience users, with optimized survey nội dung, invitations, and dashboard templates developed from industry best practices.

When you create a project, select EmployeeXM and scroll to the bottom khổng lồ see the available projects. Each template will be labeled as such.


Attention: If you add or delete questions from these templates, update the relevant dashboard widgets lớn ensure that the changes are reflected there.
Qtip: The metadata we provide you with in these templates are meant to lớn act as examples. We recommover you replace these with metadata from your employee/participant records.