Graveyard Keeper (MOD Unlimited Money, Unlocked) is a very attractive RPG from the publisher tinyBuild. Just hearing the name, you probably know what role you will play. Yes, you will play as a manager who is responsible for building graves for corpses and expanding his business lớn earn a lot of money. Building và managing cemeteries are the jobs you have khổng lồ vị.

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An attractive sầu role-playing game

The game features a very touchy storyline. Garry is a salesman, he left a grocery store after finishing work. After that, his wife made a phone call, before he could pichồng up the phone, he was hit by a oto & lost his life. Next, he meets a mysterious person, who is given the opportunity to lớn live sầu a second time but not in the world he lives. He was brought lớn was a cemetery & he had to be a grave keeper there. Although he pleaded lớn return to his wife but could not, he died in the other world và his mission is lớn be a manager here. And the story was then started.


The game is similar to Stardew Valley, a super-cool RPG from Chucklefish publisher. Due lớn the boredom of urban life & many tiredness, you decided khổng lồ go trang chủ khổng lồ work & build your own farm. Graveyard Keeper can be considered a different version of Stardew Valley, although the plot is different but identical in gameplay.

Graveyard Keeper‘s control is also very simple. To the left of the screen will be the button for you to move sầu the character to lớn your liking. On the right will be the buttons khổng lồ interact with the NPCs, objects in the game, … You will not take time to get acquainted và experience the game in a simple, fast way as possible. And the system will guide you everything when you step inkhổng lồ the game. So don’t worry because if you haven’t played any similar game yet.

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Build your career in another world

You are transferred lớn another world and get a new job. You will be the one khổng lồ help Garry vì that. In the game, there are many interesting mysteries & activities waiting for you khổng lồ discover. After the experience, you will be able khổng lồ feel many different emotional frames that you have never experienced. The murky, scary place in the graveyard or the love sầu story of the character. All only in Graveyard Keeper.


The game is full of mystery waiting for you to discover. The tombs have sầu not been unearthed. Therefore, the souls still have sầu not been escaped, your task is lớn find & make a tombstone for them to rest. The corpse may be a king of a certain dynasty that has not been found. The game also has a mission system so you can play roleplay. Besides, there are many rare resources for you khổng lồ collect for sale or to create new items, outsourcing, …


In addition, the game also has other exciting activities. You can go fishing, grow vegetables, garden, … and lots of other interesting things. In particular, the most important thing is that you must balance the health of your character, eat and sleep fully.


The graphics of Graveyard Keeper is similar to lớn Stardew Valley. It is not as beautiful và flashy as other games. But certainly will not disappoint you at all. The storyline, the gameplay is really appealing and makes you play for hours without getting bored. Graphics are only a part of the game but more than all the plot is still really attractive to players.



In general, Graveyard Keeper is a really great role-playing game. It gives you a lot of different emotions. This is not just a story about a person who wants khổng lồ be an entrepreneur but a love story. Join us in the game & write your own story!