Dictation Là Gì

a thử nghiệm in which a piece of writing is dictated to students learning a foreign language, lớn thử nghiệm their ability khổng lồ hear và write the language correctly:

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Dictation is also the reading aloud of a piece of writing in a language being learned in order to lớn demo the ability of students khổng lồ hear and write the language correctly:
the activity of speaking something aloud for a person or machine to lớn record, so it can be written down later:
Her priest and others were allegedly surprised that the handwritten pages included no overwrites, corrections or revisions and seemed somewhat like dictations.
Typing to lớn dictation was used as a measure of simple wpm và was used to qualify the obtained writing fluency measure.
Repetition, reading aloud and writing to dictation of regularly spelt words are essentially intact, reflecting preservation of phonological & articulatory skills.
Summing the dictation, transcription, & Đánh Giá times, a cardiology in-patient discharge note takes an average of 80.8 days to complete.
Dictation is the process by which the physician verbally records the encounter with the patient inlớn a storage device, such as a cassette recorder.
We asked children to spell to dictation two-morpheme words in which target clusters appeared in different morphemes of the word, either in the word stem or in the case inflection.
Dictation and reading were considered the best things for a new teacher to begin with, for those were the "easiest forms of communicating instruction in a foreign language".
Of the 4 who reported frequently using dictation, 3 combined this with frequent use of the word processor, and 2 with frequent use of the pen or pencil.
Let the arbitrary dictation and exploitation of capital be met and opposed by regulations for the protection of the wage-labourer & for securing hyên a proportionate tóm tắt in the profits.

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He was able to copy a few words, but his spontaneous writing và his writing to dictation were severely impaired, even when using his left h&.
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