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Describe the last time you were late for an important appointment | Download IELTS Speaking Answer MP3


IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe the last time you were late for an important appointment.

You should say:When did it happen?What was the appointment for?Why were you late?and explain the results of being late for that meeting.

International English Language Testing System

IELTS sample speaking answer | Describe a time you were late

Well I’m not usually late for appointments, in fact quite the opposite I’m usually very punctual and I don’t like it when people arrive sầu late for appointments, but the last time … the last time I was late for an important appointment was … I guess about a month ago. It was, if I remember correctly, it was a Thursday morning và I was supposed to lớn go to a meeting with another consultant khổng lồ discuss a particular project that we were about lớn start working on. The meeting was programmed for … I think about 8.30 in the morning, & one of the big problems was … there was a lot of rain that day the traffic was really bad. It was a journey that I’d done several times before so I knew roughly how much time the journey took, & I planned it as I would normally. However because of the heavy rain và the heavy traffic it took a lot longer than normal. I think there were some road works and some construction going on at the time as well, & I ended up being approximately 25 minutes late for the meeting. It didn’t really cause a big problem … the person that I was going lớn see had lớn rearrange their schedule a little bit, I had to lớn wait approximately 30 minutes - so I had a cup of coffee - read a magazine - & then eventually we did do the meeting as normal. And really, the only kind of negative consequence was that it was a little bit inconvenient for the other person, but here that’s not a big problem, & at the kết thúc of it all we did the meeting - we discussed the things we needed to lớn discuss, & we came up with the plan that we wanted.

IELTS Speaking Tips

Try khổng lồ practice speaking on a topic for 2 minutesThis is the maximum time allowed in Part 2 of the IELTS Speaking TestThe longer you speak, the bigger sample of your English the IELTS examiner has lớn evaluateHow would you answer this IELTS speaking questions about being late for an important appointment?
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