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We have teamed up with London based artist Elizabeth Ilsley for a one of a kind sustainable leather collection. Made from reworked leather the special collection comprises a hand-painted one of a kind mix of biker jackets, a leather beret, & a 90’s cormix style dress. All encapsulating themes of the femme fatale artistic punk style synonymous with Elizabeth Ilsley married perfectly with cortua.com’s unique leather.

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At cortua.com we source vintage leather from around the world, chop up the vintage pieces và then carefully match the leather together to lớn create a br& new leather jacket crafted responsibly by using sustainable materials. This enables us to Save +30.000 litre of water per jacket, that's over 40 years of drinking water per person.

Imagine the life your jacket has already lived, from the baông xã of a roaring Harley driving across The USA in tìm kiếm of Freedom, to a stinking basement club in east Berlin watching a Punk band whilst looking for acceptance...

Paired with flannel shirts & Doc Martens in the 90s, pointy stilletto's và mini skirts in the 80's, adorned with spikes & studs in the late 70's ohhh yes our jackets have lived many many different lives before and within every stitch there is a memory of stories past. 

We’re glad you asked. You see the production of 1 new leather jacket typically uses +30.000 litres of water và a bag uses +15.000 litres. Since we only use water to lớn clean our products và never produce any items from new leather that means we only use approximately 1 litre of water pr jacket and half for a bag & sometimes even less, thats at least a whopping 30.000 litres saved quảng bá jacket and 15.000 litres truyền thông quảng cáo bag, so you see every vật phẩm sold is water saved.

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Approximately 12 million tonnes of plastic is dumped inlớn the oceans each year và it will take us hundreds of years to lớn degrade. Every year thousands of Sea lives are killed by consuming or getting tangled in the different plastic wastes - Let's not add to lớn that, let's reuse, rework and recycle our planet back to lớn it's former glory.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most committed sustainable brands in fashion, with our roots solidly planted in Punk Rock we have sầu created a chất lượng và exciting identity bridging Roông xã n Roll with sustainability.

We make no secret of the values we desire khổng lồ represent, our campaigns extensively pushes issues like over production, chemical use and the unnecessary slaughter of animals.

For us sustainability is about having a greater understanding and knowledge of a cleaner gentler production.