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Hoi An and Hoi An Beaches

Hoi An is an ancient town, oozing cultural heritage, with plenty to lớn bởi. We plan lớn spover there one week but after we discovered that Hoi An has as well beautiful beaches we decided khổng lồ stay longer.The beaches in Hoi An are located just four kilometres from the Old Town và are lined up with small restaurants, bars và tall palm trees. Do you know what constitutes an awesome vacation? Hot silver beaches stretching into the infinite, lying in shaded beach beds và a clear blue sky – that was our experience in Hoi An. This is a thành phố that has something for everyone. There is never a dull moment in Hoi An.  


Cua Dai Beach 

The first beach we started with exploring was Cua Dai Beach. It has everything you need for a beach vacation, & it truly is an embodiment of Vietnam family trip. The beach has numerous inshore resorts with state-of-the-art equipment designed in an environment-friendly manner. Physically, Cua Dai beach lies on the tropical zone và experience rainy season between February và August. This climate creates a perfect storm for countless recreational activities that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. Another thing we loved about Cua Dai Beach is the dishes served in the restaurants by the shore. One of the best restaurants we eat from was Phu Loc; their meals are freshly caught fish from the sea.Cua Dai is very cđại bại to Hoi An. Hence it is one of the most visited & crowded beaches in the thành phố. It is hot during the day, but there are also plenty of shaded beds and palm trees where you can take refuge. Walking along this beach, you will come across many fishing boats scattered on the shoreline. The fishing boats are woven from a bamboo tree & looked like a basket. We discovered that the brunch is held weekly at Cua Dia Beach’s Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort from 11.30 lớn 3 pm. The brunch is open lớn non-residents, & we enjoyed a wide range of culinary delights. 

An Bang Beach 

Located just 3 kilometres from Hoi An đô thị centre, An Bang Beach offers an entirely different experience from Cua Dai Beach. It stretches 4 kilometres, with beautiful landscapes & serene natural scenery. The s& on An Bang Beach is Trắng and very soft. It was perfect for our twins lớn play around on and build sandcastles. An Bang Beach is a pure definition of relaxation, even without some fancy treats. While Cua Dai beach has countless water activities, at An Bang Beach, you just need your board shorts or bikini, & you will find yourself smiling at how peaceful the surroundings are. 
The water at An Bang Beach is crystal clear. We were even able lớn see the marine lives underneath. Lastly, the great thing about An Bang beach that makes it a must-visit is the sunset and sunrise. It is magnificent and majestic. This is also about the time fishermen launch their boats into lớn the sea, making the atmosphere incredibly breathtaking. This beach also has water sports, though not as hyped as Cua Dai. When facing towards Csi mê Islands, you will see parasails gliding through the air as well as several jet skis splashing through the sea waves. If you want to join in the fun, you can book at Sea Rainbow Hoi An, or just walk by a stvà at the beach and book a slot. Another activity you can partake at An Banh Beach is paddleboarding but is always overbooked. You can also surf at this beach, but if you are an experienced surfer, you will find the waves not as challenging for you as you would want. Some restaurants along the shore have sầu surfboards for rent, but the best place lớn see all the information about surfing is at MagicSeaweed. Here you will find all the best surfing destinations not only at An Bang Beach but in the entire Hoi An. Bars & restaurants at An Bang Beach are also an experience khổng lồ behold. The restaurants hold some of the craziest nightlife experiences in Hoi An but are also great places to grab a Vietnamese dish và wash it down with a cold drink. 

Ha My Beach

Ha My Beach is also one of the great spots lớn chill and relax as you listen to lớn the sea waves. The beach is located at a convenient location between Hoi An Old Town and Da Nang thành phố. It is a typical Vietphái mạnh beach, with turquoise waters & sun-kissed soft, silver sands. We were tempted khổng lồ lie around on the beach all day because of the peaceful nature of the beach, which is created by the countless sweet palm trees lining up the beach. It is also a great place khổng lồ watch the sunmix and sunrise in Hoi An. In the clear evening, the beach suddenly turns into a strange lvà of neon lights as thousands of shimmering boats are phối out to lớn the sea. Ha My Beach is a secluded place, making it an ikhuyến mãi location of a relaxed evening as it rarely crowds. But it has some of the best modern resorts in Hoi An lượt thích Four Seasons where we stayed for a few nights and loved it. Stepping inkhổng lồ one of these resorts, you will be taken back in time during the era of the Old Town. The people who find Ha My beach are those who are willing to explore Hoi An as it is not the closet beach khổng lồ the đô thị.

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Hidden Beach 

There is a beach in Hoi An called Hidden Beach. Just as the name suggests, it is one of the most kept secrets in Hoi An. Though we don’t know how long it will continue lớn be called Hidden now that many people are going to know about it. It is located between the crowded ad quieter Cua Dai beach and busy tourist hotspot An Bang Beach. It is just fascinating how this destination has escaped the attention of many people despite it lying in between the two most popular beaches in Hoi An. If you want a relaxed time out, then we highly recommover coming to lớn Hidden Beach, especially in the morning, when you will almost have the beach by yourself. The most outstanding restaurant here is the Hidden Beach Restaurant.

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It features relaxing mas sa & spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp as well as a clothing shop. While it is a nice, secluded place, Hidden Beach doesn’t have sầu plenty of food options due to lớn limited restaurants. The beach, despite its “Hidden” name, it is actually easy to find. Drive down Lac Long Quan until you reach a Tararind Cay Me restaurant. Here, you will find a narrow road running down the right of the restaurant. Drive sầu the road for about three minutes, and you will arrive sầu at the Hidden Beach. 

Binch Minh Beach 

Binh Minch Beach deserves a spot in the menu of the best beaches in Hoi An. While it is a little unknown, it is a must-visit in order to lớn complete the 360-experience of Hoi An beaches. It is located about 10 kilometres east of Than Binch Commune. The beach is filled with marine lives that you can explore with your family. It is also one of the most romantic beaches in Hoi An. We just strolled around the beach, as fishermen tell their stories about the history of the beach & the đô thị. It is also a great place khổng lồ interact with locals. 

Beach across the river 

This is a little secret we discovered in Hoi An. All of the beaches in this danh mục are located on the north side of River Thu Bon. And since they are located cthua trận to Hoi An, they have plenty of tourist facilities và therefore are always crowded, including the “Hidden Beach.” However, we found out that you can enjoy the entire beach by yourself on the other side of the river. Our curiosity led us to lớn cross the river và found a nice place with a little ramshackle shade. The beach has literally no one và the s& seem to sprawl endlessly inlớn the abyss. The beach is a little littered, perhaps due to lớn its seclusion. If you want lớn soak in your own solitude, this is the place you need to be. Since the beach is isolated, there are no bars or restaurants to lớn get snacks from; therefore, you will need lớn pachồng your own picnic if you intend khổng lồ spkết thúc the day here. The nearby village restaurants serve sầu delicious meals, but you will have to lớn brush on your Vietnamese language skills for you khổng lồ be able to order as there are no English menus. 

Coconut Beach 

This little known beach is located north of Cua Dai beach and between Boutique Hoi An Resort and Tropical Beach Resort. Coconut Beach is also one of the few beaches in Hoi An with fewer activities, so if you want a quiet time with family, it should be on your menu of beaches lớn explore.

Cđắm say Islands

This is perhaps the best destination in Hoi An as far as beach & relaxation are concerned. Looking for in the waters in Cua Dai, you will see tiny islands about 15 kilometres from the shores. It is one of the World Biosphere Reserves having been nominated by UNESCO in 2009. The islvà is famous for its traces of Cmê say civilization, và it draws visitors because of the pristine beauty. Csi mê Islands is characterized by golden sunshine, xanh sky, crystal clear seawater, & silver svà beaches. We enjoyed this place very much. The water is perfect for swimming và diving. You can get up cđại bại khổng lồ the daily lives of local fishers. Ctê mê Islands comprises of eight small archipelagos in Tan Hiep commune. If you want scuba diving & snorkelling, we recommkết thúc going to lớn Cu Lao Csi mê Marine Park. If you wish lớn enjoy fresh fish that you have sầu caught yourself, then Hon Lao is the place lớn be. It is also an excellent place to interact with village people and sunbathe or take part in popular water sports. After a long day full of fun activities, we headed lớn the Bai Chong Beach for affordable accommodation. If you want to enjoy the Cmê man Islands, the best time to visit is between March & September. During this time the weather is clear & sunny and the waters are also calm. The islands are closed between October and February because of svào winds and storms that make it hard to travel on water. The only way lớn get to lớn the islands is by tốc độ boats. It takes about 15 minutes at a minimum depending on where you take the boat from. There are also a number of tour companies in Hoi An that organize a day trip to the islands especially Cu Lao Lam Marne Park. The tours usually include khách sạn pickup, lunch, snorkelling và diving gears, & English speaking tour guide. Boats depart Cua Dai Harbor daily at 8.30 in the morning, & so if you want to catch it, you should be there earlier. Visitors are not allowed khổng lồ rent motorbikes at the islands, meaning if you want to lớn get around Csay mê Islands; you need lớn hire a driver. The isl& is only served by a single road, going around the isl& of Hon Lao offering incredible views of the ocean and the islets. The beaches have sầu plenty of eateries and souvenir shops all clustered in one perimeter, so navigating the area is not cumbersome. The beaches in Csay đắm islands are the best. Besides strolling around the stretches of s&, you can also swyên, sunbathe, or enjoy some water sports. The most popular beaches in Cmê mẩn Islands are located in Hon Lao. They include Bai Xep, Bai Bac Beach, Bai Ong Beach, và Bai Cong Beach. And of the four beaches, Bai Cong is the one fitted with necessary facilities to lớn make your stay perfect; beachfront bedecked with parasols và sunbeds; as well as numerous shops offering rental equipment for jest skiing, kayaking, diving, & snorkelling. 

Hoi An Beaches – Sạc Pin it for later

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