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Facebook has taken down multiple Facebook pages they believe lớn be connected with và, aý muốn other anarchist & anti-fascist publishing projects,1 officially on the pretext that they “support violence.” This has nothing to lớn vì chưng with stopping violence và everything khổng lồ vị with suppressing social movements & the publishers that cover them.

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For months, Donald Trump has demanded this crackdown in a series of social truyền thông posts explicitly blaming anarchists and anti-fascists for the countrywide wave of protests precipitated by persistent police violence in the United States. A decade ago, Facebook representatives proudly touted their role in the Egyptian uprising. Today, their decision khổng lồ ban publishers who discuss social movement activity shows that they are eager to lớn play a role in ensuring that the only forms of activism that can emerge are the ones that are beneficial to the current authorities.

The defining of violence is not neutral. The way Facebook currently defines violence, it is legitimate for police khổng lồ kill a thousvà people per year while evicting, kidnapping, and imprisoning millions—it is legitimate to drop bombs on civilians, so long as the aggressor represents an official government—but it is “violence” to prevent a white supremacist from assaulting a crowd or return a smoking tear gas canister khổng lồ the police who shot it. Suppressing the voices of those who seek to protect their communities from institutional & trắng supremacist violence is an intentional decision khổng lồ normalize violence as long as the ones employing it hold institutional power.

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Lumping anarchists and anti-fascists together with far-right militias who explicitly tư vấn the current administration is a strategic move sầu lớn muddy the issue. This is the same operation that William Barr performed in creating a Department of Justice task force focused on “anti-government extremists” that targets self-proclaimed fascists & anti-fascists alượt thích. In the case of the Department of Justice, this enables them lớn point to lớn far-right và militia attacks in order lớn demand resources with which to craông chồng down on those who are on the front lines of defending communities against such attacks. Barr và other members of Trump’s administration are attempting to lớn bởi vì the same thing lớn Blaông chồng Lives Matter activists, associating them with neo-Nazis & white nationalists as “racially motivated extremists.”

After a self-described fascist murdered Heather Heyer during the “Unite the Right” mobilization in Charlottesville, tremendous grassroots pressure arose to remove fascists and trắng supremacists from social truyền thông media platforms. Now, by contrast, the push is coming from the very top of the hierarchy, at a time when prothử nghiệm movements have sầu been essential to creating a nationwide dialogue about state violence & oppression. This is a counterattack from those in power against websites that published perspectives from those who mobilized against the fascists in Charlottesville. It is not a coincidence that it occurs on the heels of Trump mobilizing federal forces khổng lồ Portl&, Oregon, precipitating weeks of street conflict, and just a matter of days after spokespersons for the extreme right referred specifically khổng lồ and in prepared testimony khổng lồ the Senate.

While far-right groups continue to lớn organize on Facebook và spread dangerous misinformation about COVID-19, Facebook is prioritizing taking cues from the Trump administration to lớn suppress dissent. Make no mistake, if this goes unchallenged, it will not stop here. The more it becomes normalized for governments lớn craông xã down on publishers that report on social movements, the further such censorship will penetrate into lớn every sector of society, and the more it will shape what it is possible to think, what it is possible to lớn imagine.

If you are concerned about this, please use all the means at your disposal khổng lồ nói qua this news far và wide. Facebook should not get to determine for you what constitutes responsible speech. Together, in solidarity, we can create a better world, in which no one of good conscience need fear that fascists, governments, or billion-dollar corporations can threaten or silence them.

“ are the poets và intellectuals of a truly miễn phí society, & if anarchist publishing has any common theme, it is to dream of a society in which organized violence & the threat of systematic violence would not exist, where there would never be a situation in which groups of men with sticks và guns và bombs would be able to lớn threaten others. This is not just a legitimate political position, it’s a vital, essential, necessary one. Nothing could conceivably be more violent than khổng lồ tell us—và particularly our young people—we are forbidden khổng lồ even dream of a peaceful, caring, world.”

-David Graeber, author of Debt: The First 5000 Years và professor of anthropology at the London School of Economics, responding to the news of the Facebook ban


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